The Separation Complex: understanding the roots of anxiety in our children

In this online seminar we will examine the factors in modern life which contribute to the growing separation crisis leading to high levels of alarm in our children. Since attachment is vital for us to thrive and be at psychological rest, then any threat to our attachment (aka separation) to people who are our safe haven/secure base, causes huge levels of alarm in us and our young ones.

Our children are facing more separation from mature caring adults in their lives than ever before. Closeness reduces children’s alarm, bringing them to psychological rest, but when we look at the anxiety statistics in our tamariki/rangatahi populations we realise that something big is going on under the surface. In this session we will examine the multiple factors in modern life which contribute to this growing separation crisis leading to high levels of anxiety/alarm.ggered by too much separation, as well as look at intervention points to strengthen the attachment by giving children more ways to hold on to connection, even when apart from their caregivers. Dr Gordon Neufeld has developed some insights to help us make sense of the Separation Complex will enable us to prevent our children experiencing too much alarm, by bringing them to deeper psychological rest.  Ruth will help us apply Neufeld’s attachment-based developmental principles to our parenting and in our work with children, youth and families.

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