The Neuroscience of Attachment

The Neuroscience of Attachment: Moving from co-regulation to self-regulation. One Day seminar.

In this workshop emotion regulation in the client-therapist dyad will be explored in light of early attachment dynamics. Firstly, the neuroscience of attachment from a developmental and therapeutic perspective will be presented. An explanation of how healthy attachment develops throughout the lifespan will be given, as well as insights from the field of neuroscience. A case study of a child with complex developmental trauma will be presented. Secondly, Gordon Neufeld’s 5 step model of working with emotions will be outlined. From these insights, a case study of applying this model to working with adults will be given to illustrate the application of this knowledge to clinical practice.

This workshop is intended for Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Family Therapists, Special Needs teachers and RTLBs and anyone working with clients who struggle with emotional regulation.

Locations & Dates (Deadline for registration closes one month before the event.)

Dunedin August 18th, 2018 Auditorium: Toitū Otago Settlers Museum, Dunedin

Christchurch Sept 15th, 2018. Laidlaw College, Papanui. Christchurch

Auckland October 19th, 2018. The Parenting Place, Greenlane. Auckland

Whangarei November 3rd 2019. Whangarei Anglican Care Trust, Whangarei