Testimonials: What clients have said:


“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you … I started coming to see you, desperate to work out how to fix everything about myself so there would never be another need to experience shame or hard things. I have instead received a deeper knowledge of grace and learned to find tears. As well as to discover – to my delight- that it may be possible to hold together parts of myself I thought could not belong to each other. Your gifts are extraordinary. I have no idea how you do what you do – sometimes it seems like magic! Thank you for who you are, for your insight, patience and wisdom. I am very grateful.”

“I have thoroughly appreciated your guidance and valued your professional knowledge. thank you very much!”

“I appreciate your deep knowledge of attachment and your personal knowledge and empathy for grief and your yearning for growth. I felt very accepted by your warm, loving and inclusive nourishment.”


“Your presentation was top marks for presentation and delivery.  Just loved all the work put into those slides.  And I have heard only favourable comments.  And so often people refer to your warmth and lovely personality.  Can’t better that!  Thank you again!!!”

“We are grateful for your warmth, your honesty in sharing from your own learnings, your well-thought out and extremely well prepared presentation; i.e, for being your lovely you!!!”

“I think your presentation on children’s growth was the best I have ever heard and I really liked the diagram on how Attachment develops by Gordon Neufeld” – www.gordonneufeld.com

“I was really taken by what you said about attachment theory which was VERY illuminating for me”

Ruth McConnell’s presentation on Resilience was one of the most outstanding presentations I have seen – anywhere.  For me it was new material and has given me a new resource to refer to and to contemplate.  Thanks for the insights from that session alone“.

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us at the Professional Development day. The feedback from participants has been SO positive. Everyone thinks you were  informative, easy to listen to and they all want you to come back. One even said they’d like you to be their mother!”

“Thank you so much for your presentation.  It was inspiring, hope-filled, insightful and well researched.  I also appreciate your openness.”

“An amazing course with Ruth, just wonderfully presented”

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend seminar with Ruth . I learnt so much and felt very enriched”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and was quite in awe of Dr Ruth McConnell. How wonderful that she was able to come to Nelson”.

“Thanks so much for organizing Ruth to come down. She’s amazing!”

“Such a rich and informative workshop”

“What a wonderful day. Everything spot-on”.

“Ruth brought us some amazing information and resources.”

Specific Feedback from a Recent Nelson Workshop – May 3rd 2014:

“First, a big thank you for the excellent workshop you presented yesterday in Nelson.  I have been a psychologist for almost 30 years (12 years in New Zealand, the rest in California) and have a very high standard for the word “excellent”.  You are most definitely in that category!  You are a pleasure to listen to….your manner of delivering information is one which makes it a pleasure to receive and digest the material!   It all made perfect sense to me and increased my understanding of a process that had not yet been understandable to me!!! “

“I am a English/Irish German person. I was a psychologist in Germany until I immigrated and have been a NZ psychotherapist in private practice in Golden Bay – top left corner of the South Island – for the last 13 years. My great passion for many years now has been how to best apply attachment theory in my short and long-term work with individuals and couples – and how to motivate supervisees and colleagues to do the same. I am writing this because I want you to know that it wasn’t just ‘an excellent’ workshop for me as a novice. It was also a huge relief to listen to somebody who shares that passion. As I do not have vast experience working with actual children – usually I work with the inner children of adults & sometimes adolescents – I took quite a few jewels home with me from you presentation on that level also.

“I attended you presentation in Nelson yesterday and really enjoyed it! Many thanks! I experienced your presentation style as very warm ,engaging, clear, full of information and yet easy to follow. Many thanks for the richness of your presentation”

“I really enjoyed your passion and knowledge on your topic. It has giving me many things to think about as a Parent and a Counsellor. I have watched Brene Brown youtube with my partner and has stemmed stimulating korero, which helps me digest today’s taki. Thank you so much! I still have warm fuzzy tummy! Mauriora “

“your presentations on attachment are easily absorbed and so missing (I have found anyway) where the people who are making the decisions are concerned. Ah…if only we had a sincerity, and passion, such as yours in those organisations.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and the way you presented the workshop”

“Thank you so much for the workshop on Depression. You were fab and I really enjoyed your presentation. It was just great!”

“Loved the workshop!!!!”

“Just to let you know that your presentation was very helpful to me personally as well as professionally.”

“Thank you once again for the wonderful way you engage with us all when you teach. I was telling my department at work today and singing your praises”

Thanks so much for a really delightful seminar in Nelson on Saturday. You have a beautiful way with language, such a pleasure to listen to! And very heartful as well.

Thank you for your wonderful w’shop on Saturday –I felt soothed just listening to you! J

The work you are doing will truly make a difference to the lives of all the people you encounter – you have to me ! thank you J

I really appreciate your warm open hearted style, your research and digestible way of offering complex information.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge, humour and inspiration with me during your  awesome workshop.


“We have loved being together with you. The beautiful way you have shared your life with us today will continue to challenge us on many levels and draw us into a closer relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit. What an inspiration and blessing you are!”

“Thank you for sharing God’s love, not only with your words but also with your life. In today’s world, that is not always easy to do – but you do it with kindness and consistency. That’s what makes you different – and its the reason you make a difference. Blessings to you!