Parent Consulting

Ruth consults with parents about the emotional and behavioural issues they see in their children. As a Professional Associate of the Neufeld Institute, Ruth has trained with Dr. Gordon Neufeld in his attachment-based developmental approach (www.neufeldinstitute.)

Ruth had previously worked as a Children’s Counsellor in the UK, seeing children separately from their parents but her training with Gordon Neufeld caused her to change her approach to only working with parents to consult with the aim of enabling them to be their children’s best ‘therapist’. Through the years of working from this approach with parents Ruth has seen that when children are healthily attached to their parents or caregivers, then they blossom into their full maturity, and they no longer display ‘problem’ behaviour.

Book a session with Ruth

Before you make an initial booking please email me to set up a free 1/2 hour conversation about whether I have any availability to take you on as a new client. If you are an existing client then go ahead and make a booking below.

What Ruth Offers

Ruth offers parents insights, resources, and advice on how to get their children’s hearts back into healthy attachment so that issues like, aggression, alpha behaviour (bossing their parents and not listening or being willing to be taken care of by their parents), addiction to the internet/gaming, emotional outbursts, etc.

In addition to parent consulting Ruth is also a certified facilitator of Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s courses – please go to Neufeld Courses page…. for more details.