The Neuroscience of Attachment: helping clients move from co-regulation to self-regulation (filming session)

Attachment theory originally was developed as a trauma theory (Bowlby, 1989) but is now conceptualised more as a regulation theory (Schore, 2009). Our therapeutic work with clients often involves working with a wide range of emotions, varying from muted to very strong emotional reactions. Emotional regulation forms the foundation of emotional intelligence and overall wellbeing in our clients. In the attachment we form with our clients, the research has shown that the more securely attached the client is with the therapist (co-regulation), the greater their capacity to regulate their emotions (self-regulation), which otherwise would have been too overwhelming for them to cope with on their own.

In this seminar we will explore emotion regulation in the client-therapist dyad in light of early attachment dynamics. Firstly, the neuroscience of attachment from a developmental and therapeutic perspective will be presented. An explanation of how healthy attachment develops throughout the lifespan will be given, as well as insights from the field of neuroscience. A case study of a child with complex developmental trauma will be presented. Secondly, Gordon Neufeld’s 5 step model of working with emotions will be outlined.  From these insights, a case studies applying this model to working with children and adults will be given to illustrate the application of this knowledge to clinical practice.

This workshop is intended for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Family Therapists and anyone working with clients who struggle with emotional regulation.

Date: Feb 21st 2020
Time: 9:00 (registration) starts at 9:30 ends at 4:00

Laidlaw College – Henderson Campus

80 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland

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Student price:, $100 New Zealand Dollars (+GST) 

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Dr. Ruth Lawson-McConnell has a PhD in Counselling Psychology with more than 28 years’ of clinical experience. She is a counsellor, trainer and clinical supervisor, who has trained and worked in the UK, Canada before moving to New Zealand. She was a Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Laidlaw College, an adjunct lecturer at Morling College, Sydney and has a private practice in Auckland. Her areas of specialism include attachment-based counselling, neuro psychotherapy, working with partners of sex addicts and betrayal trauma. She is a Professional Associate of the Neufeld Institute (Vancouver, Canada) having trained with Gordon Neufeld in his Attachment-based Developmental paradigm. She also has trained as a neurospychotherapist, and has specialist training in the Partners of Sexual Addicts Trauma model (APSATS). She has authored several journal articles, conference papers, and regularly presents professional development training in Australia and New Zealand. Ruth grew up in the Amazon region of Brazil, the daughter of Scottish Missionary parents; she currently lives in Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand with her two adult daughters, their labradoodle, Panda, and two shy cats.

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21 Feb 2020


9:00 registration- event from 9:30-4:00
All Day


Full price: $200 NZ (+ GST) Student price: $100 NZ (+ GST)


Laidlaw College Auckland


Ruth Lawson-McConnell
Ruth Lawson-McConnell

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    Registration closes Feb 14th – the organiser reserves the right to cancel the event if not enough participants register. Full refunds will be offered in this event.