FREE TASTER – ABC 3 – Attachment Based Counselling – working with Anxiety PART 1

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Here is a free taster of the full course on working with Anxiety from an attachment informed perspective.

All growth comes from rest. In this seminar we will look at the underlying issues that may cause psychological unrest (anxiety) in our client’s stories. We will apply the attachment-based developmental paradigm to help lead our clients to psychological rest by attending to their unmet attachment needs, processing earlier attachment traumas and understanding the neuroscience of alarm/anxiety/rest. The work of trauma theorists (Schore, Porges, Levine) as well as interpersonal neurobiologist, Seigel, will be integrated into the Neufeld material to provide a holistic approach to dealing with anxiety in our clients. Cortisol can be an asset or a liability so we will explore what it means to down-regulate fear/anxious arousal and upregulate pleasant emotions like joy, excitement and playfulness.

This course follows on from the ABC 1 which introduced to the Attachment-based Developmental paradigm, based on the work of Dr Gordon Neufeld (2004,) and then ABC 2 focused on working with depression. Now in ABC 3 we will be examining how this approach can be applied to working with clients who struggle with anxiety or alarm issues.

To get the most out of it, starting with ABC 1 and ABC 2 will lay the foundations for understanding this material.

This course includes:

1 video (total viewing time 1.5 hr)