ABC 3 – Attachment Based Counselling – working with Anxiety

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All growth comes from rest. In this seminar we will look at the underlying issues that may cause psychological unrest (anxiety) in our client’s stories. We will apply the attachment-based developmental paradigm to help lead our clients to psychological rest by attending to their unmet attachment needs, processing earlier attachment traumas and understanding the neuroscience of alarm/anxiety/rest. The work of trauma theorists (Schore, Porges, Levine) as well as interpersonal neurobiologist, Seigel, will be integrated into the Neufeld material to provide a holistic approach to dealing with anxiety in our clients. Cortisol can be an asset or a liability so we will explore what it means to down-regulate fear/anxious arousal and upregulate pleasant emotions like joy, excitement and playfulness.

This course follows on from the ABC 1 which introduced to the Attachment-based Developmental paradigm, based on the work of Dr Gordon Neufeld (2004,) and then ABC 2 focused on working with depression. Now in ABC 3 we will be examining how this approach can be applied to working with clients who struggle with anxiety or alarm issues.

To get the most out of it, starting with ABC 1 and ABC 2 will lay the foundations for understanding this material.

This course includes:

4 videos (total viewing time 6.5 hours)

booklet of slides