Attachment Based Counselling – Introduction – Free 1st part

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Attachment-based Counselling (ABC) Level 1: Introduction

An Intro to the attachment-based developmental paradigm applied to therapy

Increasingly research from attachment science, neuroscience, as well as psychological theories, highlight the need for human connection for us to flourish as human beings. Afterall, we are all creatures of attachment and when we are securely attached, we feel safe to explore the world and know where to run back to when things get too overwhelming for us. Classical Attachment theory, espoused by Bowlby in the 1950s and developed since then by many great researchers (Cassidy and Shaver (2008), Obegi and Berant (2009), Wallin (2007), Johnson (2019) remind us that human flourishing happens best when secure attachment (or at least Good Enough attachment) is present. But very few of these clinical researchers present the theory from an intuitive, not a problem-saturated perspective. In these series of online courses Ruth is going to outline how healthy attachment develops, how it can be healed within a therapeutic relationships (earned secure attachment) and what are the optimal conditions for human thriving.

Here is a free TASTER of her 4 part course.