Newsletter 2 – July 2018

Dear ones,

Where has the month of July gone?!? Can you believe that we are already half way through 2018? I hope as you reflect on the first half of this year, that you are filled with a sense of emerging hope on behalf of yourself as a growing professional as well as on behalf of the clients you journey alongside.

I have just returned from a few weeks in Sydney, delivering two Professional Development workshops and an Intensive Masters course: Integrating Trinitarian Theology and Counselling. It was an exciting time of meeting lots of new colleagues and students, as well as being stretched as I delivered an intensive course.

NZCIS Winter Series lectures: God, Suffering and Healing

I want to invite you all to an event I will be speaking at hosted by the New Zealand Christians in Science (NZCIS) and Maclaurin Chapel, Auckland University:

The title of my talk is:  Healing and Attachment: Attachment, psychological healing and non-dualistic spirituality.  Aug 1, 2018 from 5:30 pm– 8:00 pm.  Light Refreshments will be served.

Location: 18 Princes St, Auckland.

Neuroscience of Attachment seminar

I am looking forward to presenting the Neuroscience of Attachment seminar around New Zealand in next few months. I start in the lovely, chilly, Scottish-esque city of Dunedin (Aug. 18th), then the lovely garden city of Christchurch (Sept. 15th), back to my ‘home turf’ of Auckland (oct 19th) and up to the far north in the lovely city of Whangarei (Nov. 3rd). Check out this page on the website and book early to not miss out: and click on your city for the booking form and details.


If you are interested in doing supervision with me, please go to my website to check out my services. I can do face-to-face or skype and am registered with NZCCA as a supervisor:

Here are my facebook pages if you want to follow them:

Dr. Ruth McConnell – aimed at clinicians on themes of healing/mental wellbeing

Trinity Initiatives – aimed at integrating Trinitarian Theology with well-being

As I prepare for my presentations I hear the echoes from Bonnie Baddenock’s lovely new book, The heart of Trauma: Healing the embodied brain in the context of relationships. She writes some profound lines which I want to share with you to re-invigorate you in your crucial role of holding space for healing:

“A felt sense of safety is the bedrock of healing trauma…. our hearts pull towards just being present and waiting to see what wants to unfold… for the difference between using interventions and following the process unfolding in the space between our clients and us lies at the heart of the matter… When we come into contact with suffering in the presence of another, even when the depth of pain is very great, the very experience of relatedness [secure attachment] – the nurturance we humans most need – prepares a space in which meaning and hope may emerge.” (pg. 8-11)

I look forward to continuing our rich ‘journeying together’ in the future.

Warmest regards