Interview with Ruth by Dr Sarah Penwarden.

Interview with Ruth by Dr Sarah Penwarden, who teaches Integrative Practice in the Bachelor of Counselling degree at Laidlaw College.

This interview is framed around these questions about Incarnational practices in Ruth’s counselling work. If you want to have the answers in a script form then there is a pdf that goes with this interview on the website.

  1. How do you make sense of the incarnation?
  2. What’s your understanding of incarnational theology?
  3. How do you think Christ is incarnate in us?
  4. Where are the traces or sparks of the incarnation in your practice? Where/how do you notice them?
  5. Could you talk more about how by dwelling in particular virtues (love or hope or faith) you are practicing incarnationally?
  6. How does love influence your practice?
  7. How do you listen for love in a client’s life?
  8. What helps you listen to stories where a person has not experienced love in their life?
  9. Does incarnational practice look different if a client has Christian faith, or does not have Christian faith?
  10. Could you tell us about an encounter with a client where you noticed incarnation happening?