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St Mark's Church, Remuera, Auckland
95 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050, New Zealand

Attachment-based Counselling (ABC) Level 3: Working with Anxiety

All growth comes from rest. In this seminar we will look at the underlying issues that may cause psychological unrest (anxiety) in our client’s stories. We will apply the attachment-based developmental paradigm to help lead our clients to psychological rest by attending to their unmet attachment needs, processing earlier attachment traumas and understanding the neuroscience of alarm/anxiety/rest. The work of trauma theorists (Schore, Porges, Levine) as well as interpersonal neurobiologist, Seigel, will be integrated into the Neufeld material to provide a holistic approach to dealing with anxiety in our clients. Cortisol can be an asset or a liability so we will explore what it means to down-regulate fear/anxious arousal and upregulate pleasant emotions like joy, excitement and playfulness. Over the year of 2019 I am going to be systematically training all dimensions of the Attachment-based Developmental Paradigm applied to therapy (mainly with adults but it has huge application to working with children). So in order for you to gain the most out of this training you will need to go through all the levels in sequential order as the material presumes you know foundational constructs before I apply it to specialist sub-groups of clients or specific therapeutic issues. ...

All of the day
St Mark's Church, Remuera, Auckland
95 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050, New Zealand

Attachment-based Counselling (ABC) Level 4: working with couples – attachment rupture, betrayal and repair

This seminar is specifically for therapists working with couples who have suffered betrayal traumas (affairs or sexual addiction due to intimacy disorders or other forms of addiction - eg. gaming addiction) or for those whose clients are trying to make sense of a betrayal/disordered intimacy from an attachment perspective. Gordon Neufeld’s Six levels of attachment will be applied to an understanding of the role of healthy sexual encounter and the intimate partner attachment dance in order to understand what might have been missing and how repairs can occur. Myths around forgiveness and the journey of grief and recovery will also be addressed.  Ruth has trained in the Partners of Sexual Addicts Trauma Model (APSATS) which challenges the co-dependent understanding of a partner of sexual addicts and presents a healing model in line with PTSD healing. Ruth will weave together Neufeld's understanding of how healthy attachment develops across the lifespan and the dynamics within intimate partner attachments with the APSATS model to present a holistic picture of healing for our clients who have suffered betrayal traumas. A prerequisite attendance at ABC Level 1,2,3 is required before attending this workshop ...

shame workshop
09:00 - 16:30
Mercy Spirituality Centre
Te Ngakau Waiora Mercy Spirituality Centre 104 The Drive, Epsom, Auckland 1023, Aotearoa New Zealand

Creating Sanctuary for Shame and Shadow: 2nd Auckland workshop: Dec 6th 2019 FULLY BOOKED!!!!!

Shame, by its very nature, is highly contagious, does not like to be named or talked about, and plays a primary role in the creation of our shadow. And yet, it has much to teach us as individuals, persons-in-relation, and self-as-therapist. The neurophysiological patterning of shame, similar to that of trauma, can profoundly disrupt persons’ social engagement system. Shame-constrained persons are unable to reach out to participate in the relational repair that could end their isolation. To work effectively with shame, it is important to know as much as we can about our own relationship with shame and the ways our body-mind resists and veils our awareness to the presence of shame. In this workshop we will explore body-based and mindful practices that can support us to know shame from the inside out, so we remain present with self and our people when shame makes its power-full presence felt. Shame is the residual evidence of attachment traumas. In this workshop we will look at the attachment dynamics embedded in shame, defining some key concepts such as safeness vs safety; terror vs. fear; compassion vs empathy; attachment vs identification; narrative self vs experiential self. The work of Stephen Porges (Polyvagal theory) Gordon Neufeld (developmental attachment healing) Peter Levin and Deirdre Fey, among others, will be woven into the content of the workshop and expanded in the retreat later in the year, giving a longer opportunity to delve more deeply into understanding and healing the shame/shadow subtly embedded in our psyches. A pre-requisite to attendance at the retreat is the prior attendance at this day workshop. ...

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